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Fixing issue with Signal donations and Apple Pay

Posted on Sun 04 December 2022 in apple

A big while back Signal nudged me into paying a monthly donation to support their US non-profit. I was open for that, but trying to set it up on my iPhone gave me a non-descriptive error when trying to authorize payments using Apple Pay. I soon forgot about the issue …

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Ethernetbridging over VPN revisited

Posted on Sat 03 December 2022 in networking

Recently I was discussing VPN options over coffee when the subject of ethernet bridging came up. My co-worker had no experience with VPN to move other traffic than IP packets. It was then I remembered using ethernet bridging over openvpn all the time. Like 20-15 years ago.

Would it still …

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Posted on Tue 29 November 2022 in mastodon

Last week we upgraded to Mastodon release 4.0.2. Because we moved platform the week before, we were running on a platform with some changes and unknowns that would come and let us shoot ourselves in the foot.

So the upgrade was less pleasant than the last …

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Posted on Sat 05 November 2022 in mastodon

Like most of the fediverse, the sudden influx of users came as somewhat as a surprise. Last weekend we barely kept the system responsive by extensive live system tuning. Just after the weekend Maarten was interviewed by a national newspaper. So it was decided to move to a larger VPS …

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Second support call

Posted on Sat 29 October 2022 in mastodon

Vanmorgen bleek ik geen plaatjes meer te kunnen uploaden op Niet veel later bleken meerdere gebruikers daar last van te hebben.

Toen ik de credentials van de server ergens uit een Signal chat had gevist, kon ik op onderzoek uit. Uiteindelijk bleken er tienduizenden berichten in de sidekiq …

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