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Toolchain spring cleaning

Posted on Sat 30 April 2022 in desktop • Tagged with apple, linux

Development setups

Since I don't know when I've been using desktop virtualisation to perform all sorts of development and testing work. There was quite some toil, but utilities like virtualbox combined with vagrant made it pretty usable.

I clearly rember working for a client that wanted to do cross AD …

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Comparing diskperformance between my laptops

Posted on Sun 28 March 2021 in desktop • Tagged with open source, apple, performance


Last week I was executing some disk performance measurements for a client. As part of the session I tested my Macbook and a Dell XPS laptop. The results seemed to indicate the Dell XPS outperforming the Macbook. As the laptops were only tested for comparison, I left it at …

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Running Debian 10/unstable on Apple Powermac G5

Posted on Sat 13 March 2021 in desktop • Tagged with open source, apple, powerpc


Updated on 14-mar-2021 with webbrowser and diskperformance info.

G5 internals large

As an Apple fan I've been collecting some vintage hardware. The Powermac G5 was bought from a video editor like five years back and was actually used by her up till that point. After booting it and enjoying the pretty …

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Vandaag aan de gang met Apple Pay

Posted on Mon 11 June 2018 in services • Tagged with apple

screenshot apple pay on iphone

Bunq heeft Apple Pay mogelijk gemaakt dus ik kon het niet laten gelijk te activeren. Vandaag eens uitvinden hoe goed het werkt met mijn foon en horloge 🙂

Upgrading legacy Mac pro 3,1 to MacOS High Sierra success story

Posted on Thu 25 January 2018 in desktop • Tagged with apple, hardware

My Mac Pro from before 2010 was happily running MacOS Mavericks I think. There were some minor annoyances, but mostly it was working pretty swell. And a couple of years ago the machine dropped from the supported hardware list of newer MacOS releases like Sierra and High Sierra. So no …

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