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Vandaag aan de gang met Apple Pay

Posted on Mon 11 June 2018 in services • Tagged with apple

screenshot apple pay on iphone

Bunq heeft Apple Pay mogelijk gemaakt dus ik kon het niet laten gelijk te activeren. Vandaag eens uitvinden hoe goed het werkt met mijn foon en horloge 🙂

Reliq from the past

Posted on Sat 05 August 2017 in services • Tagged with fail

(missing photo of diginotar branded USB stick)

Never forget #diginotar #pki #trust

Tor relay node back in business

Posted on Sat 05 August 2017 in services • Tagged with open source

When a leased server has bandwidth to spare, I try to give it to the tor network. Project servers come and go, but I am happy to report that my relay node is back in business.

Aug 5 14:45:48 droid Tor[8966]: Bootstrapped 0%: Starting
Aug 5 14 …

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Tor statistics in syslog

Posted on Sun 16 July 2017 in services • Tagged with open source

Tor started emitting some daily statistics via syslog some time ago. This is a nice thing because other than looking at the network traffic statistics I really had no clue to how much work it was doing.

Jul 16 00:14:36 tor-exit-node02 Tor[16355]: Heartbeat: Tor's uptime is …

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Encrypted backups using duplicity

Posted on Sat 08 April 2017 in services • Tagged with open source

This is just a short note on my experiences running backups with Duplicity.

Duplicity is an open source package that allows you to do incremental backups, complete with proper indexing, to remote storage. This can be a modern ‘cloud’ storage like S3, but I prefer to run it over a …

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