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Preparing new rackserver setup with proxmox + opnsense + openbsd

Posted on Sun 14 November 2021 in servers • Tagged with open source, proxmox, opnsense, openbsd

Physical server

Just for fun and for profit I'm preparing a new physical setup to be deployed in some rack not to far from my home. The first step was selecting hardware. I still have a Proliant ML350 on the attic, but figured it was too big to actually deploy …

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How I run multiple TLS secured websites using OpenBSD httpd

Posted on Sun 24 October 2021 in openbsd • Tagged with open source, security, openbsd

I was trying to add another TLS secured website to the openbsd httpd instance hosting this website. Apparently this is possible, but not totally how I expected. The thing is that httpd will happily serve multiple TLS secured websites using the SNI (Server Name Indication) option, but it will only …

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Upgrading to OpenBSD 6.7: that was easy!

Posted on Wed 20 May 2020 in openbsd • Tagged with open source, openbsd

This morning I saw the new OpenBSD artwork and t-shirts that I liked instantly. But before ordering shirts, I wanted to do an upgrade. It could not have been easier. I must say that I always really liked the inplace upgrade option that Debian has been delivering for 20+ years …

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Hello OpenBSD, my old friend

Posted on Fri 03 May 2019 in desktop • Tagged with open source, openbsd

Around the turn of the millennium I was introduced to OpenBSD. It was probably via the gateway drug of the time : OpenSSH. OpenSSH is everywhere now, but then it was new, shiny and free/libre.

Armed Puffy image

It was not exactly love at first sight. As a longtime Linux user, the learning …

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