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Toolchain spring cleaning

Posted on Sat 30 April 2022 in desktop • Tagged with apple, linux

Development setups

Since I don't know when I've been using desktop virtualisation to perform all sorts of development and testing work. There was quite some toil, but utilities like virtualbox combined with vagrant made it pretty usable.

I clearly rember working for a client that wanted to do cross AD …

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Zorin16Pro best linux desktop I've ever touched!

Posted on Sat 05 February 2022 in desktop • Tagged with open source, zorin

It has been just a bit longer then three months ago that I installed Zorin 16 Pro on my Dell XPS. I must say that I am very impressed and pleased with this distro. It is by far the best Linux distribution for the desktop/laptop I have touched in …

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2022 not the year of linux on the desktop, but of linux on my desktop

Posted on Wed 05 January 2022 in desktop • Tagged with open source, zorin

Mac Mini running Zorin 16Pro linux larger version

The year of linux on the desktop might never come, but I think 2022 will be the year of linux on my desktop. Ever since switching to Macos (X) in 2005, I've periodically tried to make the switch back to Linux. But there was always something that I …

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APFS data recovery using Linux

Posted on Wed 08 December 2021 in desktop • Tagged with backup, security, hardware

Somebody I know had her Macbook Air crash a long time ago and took that event as a good time to get a newer model. But the data on the laptop was never recovered. Recently she was getting ready to get rid of old stuff and this old MBA turned …

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Commandline window management on MacOS and Linux

Posted on Tue 07 December 2021 in desktop • Tagged with open source, macos

Having a setup of multiple external monitors at home is great for productivity. I can see a lot relevant info in the blink of an eye with all the screen real estate at hand. Managing windows and their placement does become more of a hassle. More mouse movements to place …

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