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Distro selection for 2023 and beyond

Posted on Sun 23 October 2022 in hardware

Every other year or so I come up with a list of tools/technologies I will focus on for the next few years. Right now I'm in the proces of considering RHEL9 as a desktop (as I work for a client which is heavily invested in RHEL), but I might need to thinks about my shoppinglist/selection criteria for a moment too.

So Linux is great from a open technology side of things, but there are other things te consider. I would rather nog rely on an open solution that depends heavily on certain parts of the world for funding and support. So I will work on my list.

A newcomer for me on the list of distros to consider is EuroLinux. It is a Polish operated company providing clones of RHEL 6-9 that I found on this morning. So that could be interesting.

Shopping list

  • support commercial tools like VMWare workstation and Intellij IDEA
  • support a very broad range of hardware and peripherals
  • be backed by European based support and funding
  • provide modern desktop and access to recent versions of applications

I think I will take Eurolinux for a spin and see how it compares to Zorin OS.