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Slimbook ProX does support USB-C power delivery after all :-)

Posted on Fri 03 March 2023 in hardware

Ok so when I got my laptop it came with a leaflet stating that charging over USB-C was not possibly and should not be tried. So that was kind of a bummer, but I figured it would not cause me too much trouble.

Today I was browsing the Slimbook website …

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Slimbook ProX review after one month of usage

Posted on Wed 01 March 2023 in hardware

In my efforts to get the simplest solution to the problems encountered with the Slimbook, I switched to Zorin16 after a couple days to get newer libraries and a newer kernel. But soon enough I was fiddling with the inner workings of Linux on the Zorin install too. So getting …

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Using spare M2 storage to create RAID1 set

Posted on Sun 12 February 2023 in hardware

The slimbook I ordered was ordered with the basic specs. As soon as I was convinced the laptop would be worthwhile, I ordered extra RAM and storage capacity.

So next to the 256 GB NVME storage I installed a 1 TB M2 stick. I reinstalled the operating on the new …

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Slimbook ProX arrived today :-)

Posted on Mon 06 February 2023 in hardware

Last Monday I took the plunge and ordered a Slimbook ProX. First impressions when it comes to looks and build quality it's great. There are some things left to be desired, but overall I think this machine should fit most of my needs.

Slimbook with custom engraving

As I was unsure what I was …

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Migrating the RHEL9 desktop to Eurolinux 9 desktop

Posted on Mon 24 October 2022 in hardware

So the desktop install of RHEL9 on my Dell XPS desktop must be what, two weeks old? Great time to plunge into a new desktop migration adventure.

Just yesterday I discovered Eurolinux. I created a virtual machine on my Macbook running Eurolinux 9 and migrated all my stuff from the …

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