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Adding an OpenBSD/APU2 based ethernet bridge to the home network

Posted on Sat 21 January 2023 in networking

Seperating traffic with VLANs in the network is great way to improve network security. When I switched to VLAN capable switches and access points, I did exactly that. I created seperate VLAN's for personal use, business use and for IoT like devices. This improved security greatly, but with all the …

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Ethernetbridging over VPN revisited

Posted on Sat 03 December 2022 in networking

Recently I was discussing VPN options over coffee when the subject of ethernet bridging came up. My co-worker had no experience with VPN to move other traffic than IP packets. It was then I remembered using ethernet bridging over openvpn all the time. Like 20-15 years ago.

Would it still …

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PC Engines APU2 with OPNsense firewall on top as homelab gateway

Posted on Fri 27 October 2017 in networking • Tagged with open source, opnsense, hardware

There has always been some testing going on at home, but with the introduction of an extra firewall, there will be a separate network for tinkering and trials at home.

Opnsense logo

First I decided to buy an APU2 board from PC Engines. Although the APU first generation I had got fried …

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