XPS laptop running Zorin 16 Pro now

Posted on Sun 31 October 2021 in linux, floss • Tagged with linux, zorin, xps, dell

Ok, so I love Debian for what it is. Great collection of packages, rock solid stability and very true to the open and libre aspects of open source. But it is not de most polished option when running a desktop.

Zorin on my laptop screenshot large

So this time around I opted for Zorin. This …

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Dell XPS running Debian 11 now

Posted on Fri 22 October 2021 in linux, floss • Tagged with linux, debian, xps, dell

And I wipe my Dell XPS once again

When I installed Debian GNU/Linux on my Dell XPS somewhere in 2020, I planned on keeping it that way 'forever'. In the mean time I reinstalled Windows 10 and Linux at least twice. So now I'm more or less back, running …

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Comparing diskperformance between my laptops

Posted on Sun 28 March 2021 in linux, apple • Tagged with apple, linux, intel, dell


Last week I was executing some disk performance measurements for a client. As part of the session I tested my Macbook and a Dell XPS laptop. The results seemed to indicate the Dell XPS outperforming the Macbook. As the laptops were only tested for comparison, I left it at …

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