Running duplicity backups again

Posted on Mon 27 December 2021 in linux, backup, duplicity • Tagged with linux, ansible

Some years back I had a rather complete puppet setup managing relatively small set of servers for personal use and some small business customers. In that setup I had a completely automated way of configuring duplicity backups to some server I rented somewhere safe, using puppet code and puppet external …

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Using RAM disk to store unencrypted secrets

Posted on Fri 03 December 2021 in security, secrets • Tagged with linux, macos, ansible, ram disk

During my day I have secrets that I use a lot. Best example would be the ansible vault password for a particular environment to run a playbook or the password to access a API I use a lot.

On my mac I added a small bit of code to my …

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Deploying ten new tor bridges

Posted on Fri 19 November 2021 in tor, privacy • Tagged with linux, tor, ansible

The tor project needs more bridges

Privacy is a human right

Some time has passed since I removed my last tor relay node. But apparently the tor project is facing a declining number of tor bridges, special nodes used by people unable to connect to the tor system in a more convenient/open way. So …

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