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Adding an OpenBSD/APU2 based ethernet bridge to the home network

Posted on Sat 21 January 2023 in networking

Seperating traffic with VLANs in the network is great way to improve network security. When I switched to VLAN capable switches and access points, I did exactly that. I created seperate VLAN's for personal use, business use and for IoT like devices. This improved security greatly, but with all the …

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Uit het mailarchief: backup advies in Jip en Janneke taal

Posted on Mon 09 January 2023 in consultancy

Toen ik net op zoek was naar de factuur van mijn Synology in mijn mail archief, stuitte ik op onderstaande mail in mijn sent items. Ik was het glad vergeten. De context was een vraag van mijn lief of ik voor een collega fotograaf in Jip en Janneke taal advies …

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Mostly Ready For 2023

Posted on Thu 29 December 2022 in ramblings

So the last quarter was rather busy and intense. It left little room for home computing projects and/or fiddling. But is was fun and most tasks scheduled for 2022 have been executed.

With just a couple of days left, I have just enough time to ponder about plans for …

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Posted on Sun 11 December 2022 in linux

So somewhere in October I moved my Dell XPS Desktop from Zorin to RHEL9/Eurolinux9. One of the requirements for my linux desktop needs is VMWare workstation not complaining about vmmon/vmnet kernel level stuff.

Fast forward to December and RHEL9.1/Eurolinux9.1 is out! And installed on my …

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Using VPN to secure NFS between two hosted servers

Posted on Sun 11 December 2022 in linux

For a small test setup I wanted to share a disk on a Hetzner VPS with a Hetzner dedicated server. Hetzner has the concept of private networks, but only on their 'Cloud' offering, so that does not extend to dedicated bare metal servers.

Sharing files over NFS seemed like the …

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