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Op weg naar de oprichting van een stichting voor onder andere

Posted on Thu 16 March 2023 in fediverse

Afgelopen maandag samen met Ton Zijlstra en Maarten den Braber afgesproken in Utrecht. Daar hebben we diverse thema's rondom governance en projecten besproken welke we zien rondom Binnenkort zullen we hier een apart blog voor starten welke je dan bij interesse kan volgen.

Hopenlijk kunnen we vlot de …

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Not ready to give up desktop linux yet

Posted on Sat 11 March 2023 in eurolinux, desktop

So another day, another way of looking at my setup. Eurolinux was on one of my other machines for some time, hoping to get a stable ground for vmware workstation. That exploded in my face, so it was a short lived thing.

But by now I've already gotten rid of …

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Linux on the desktop remains usable but with surprises

Posted on Fri 10 March 2023 in debian, desktop

So lets get this straight, were the only option for me to use Linux, I could totally make it work proper enough. But comparing my general experience to my experience with Macos, it remains a more involved way to get work done.

So last week I had everything properly setup …

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Personal nextcloud instance moved to Raspberry PI4

Posted on Sun 05 March 2023 in hosting

Last year I set up a Nextcloud instance for personal/family use. This was running as a VM on my HP Proliant server/Proxmox setup. An archive of about 80 GB of pictures and movies was quickly accumulated there.

With energy prices what they were at the time, I shut …

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Slimbook ProX does support USB-C power delivery after all :-)

Posted on Fri 03 March 2023 in hardware

Ok so when I got my laptop it came with a leaflet stating that charging over USB-C was not possibly and should not be tried. So that was kind of a bummer, but I figured it would not cause me too much trouble.

Today I was browsing the Slimbook website …

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